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Does your business have a website that delivers good social proof, optimized for mobile view, and built to convert leads into customers? These should be the standard for any local website. You see so many websites especially for local businesses that look like they were built 10 years ago, or even in the start of the 2000’s.

Should i Outsource

It’s important that you get a modern design, it’s just like fashion. What was in 10 – 20 years ago has drastically changed. It can be very hard to take this quest upon yourselves since a good websites requires skill in multiple fields.

4 Pillars of a Website

  • Web design
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Sales/Funnels

Web Design

The core of a website is its layout, from every row of a website to where you place the buttons, this step is not to be underestimated. what header to use, your Hero Colors to choose, what types of colors convert the best, should i go with colors i think look cool or complementary colors? These small tasks that might seem less important play a major role when you add it all together, and that is the reason it’s important to have a professional to help you.


The copy(text) is one of the most important, if your copy is not compelling enough your traffic will neve convert, even for a restaurant this is important (also good use of images). there is a whole science behind writing good copy to a website and this step is just as important as all the others pillars, because if you are missing one pillar then you can’t stand solid.


The marketing aspect of your website is separated into two parts, actual sending traffic to your website, and the selling part on your website. If you are running a new campaign with a compelling offer, consider creating a subpage to your website specifically for that campaign, this way you will see an increase in traffic quality and conversions. 

When it comes to the marketing and selling on your website, it’s in two forms, Compelling copy/ad-copy and CTA’s, taking advantage of every single detail, and utilizing A/B testing to see what kind of template or copy works best. 

If you are serious about your business digital side of things consider getting help from a professional web designer